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Level Up

I don't know how else to express what this past month has been like. It feels like leveling up. I have more skillz, more stam, and I feel like I just acquired new talent points. And from what? 


Except I wasn't grinding in-game. I was grinding at life. I put my game time into art time and it was pretty awesome. For a month-long experiment, this taught me a whole bunch of stuff, including stuff about myself.

Guess I'm not quite as loser-like as I thought I was in the beginning.

And guess who has an interview at Best Buy? Yup, this girl. Got a call today. Going in on Wednesday this week. (I wonder if Twitch had anything to do with that?) Either way, I'm going to look up stuff on how to interview for a job or whatevs considering that, um, I've never done it before. :P I didn't have to interview to help out at Dad's office.

So yeah, it's so weird that this might be my last post for a while. 

The cactus thing is still going on. I'm also inking some f…

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